Become part of a multi-billion dollar coupon industry. As our economy continues
to shrink, consumers more than ever are looking for ways to loosen the belt and find
ways to save money. Coupons serve this purpose. With the economy down
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Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed! Yes, it’s true! Stop taking orders from your
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→Your “Local Coupon Sales Brochure” is customized to your city and includes
both your company and contact information
→Still not a believer? Look at an example of your future site

We will personalize your coupon site with your local market, the name of your
business and contact information. Your custom template includes sample coupon
ads that you can use to show local business owners so that you can pre-sell months
of advertising space. When you begin taking orders for ads on your site feel free to
use our in house graphic designer, to design your coupon advertisements or choose
your own graphic designer!

Include the following extras at NO COST:

  • Word for word scripts to use on the phone and in-person when prospecting for new business in your local market.
  • Customizable Contract example that is a binding contract between you and the advertiser.
  • And finally, an advertising rate card that can be used as a reference to pre-sell coupon advertising space for months at a time.

“Online Coupons LLC can help you start your very own coupon business”
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